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October 16, 2023
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EQ Test: How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

IQ tests have been around for decades, measuring a person's intelligence and comparing it to the average.

IQ tests have been around for decades, measuring a person's intelligence and comparing it to the average. EQ tests, on the other hand, are a little newer: they measure how emotionally intelligent a person is. In other words, they can tell how well an individual can emotionally respond to a certain situation in their life, whether good or bad.

Since working as a non-adult cam girl involves talking to people and connecting with them on a higher level, it's clear that you need a high EQ to understand their emotions and what lies behind them.This is why, in this article, we prepared a short EQ test, consisting of only 15 statements, which you have to rate from "not at all" (1 point) to "very often" (5 points), going through "rarely" (2 points), "sometimes" (3 points), and "often" (4 points). Without further ado, here are the statements, with the results, explained afterward:
1. I can recognize my emotions as I experience them;
2. I don't lose my temper when I feel frustrated;
3. People have told me that I'm a good listener;
4. I know how to calm myself down when I feel anxious or upset;
5. I enjoy organizing groups;
6. I find it easy to focus on something over the long term;
7. I find it easy to move on when I feel frustrated or unhappy;
8. I know my strengths and weaknesses;
9. I'm not afraid of facing conflict and negotiations;
10. I feel that I enjoy my work;
11. I ask people for feedback on what I do well, and how I can improve;
12. I set long-term goals, and review my progress regularly;
13. I find it easy to read other people's emotions;
14. I find it easy to build rapport with others;
15. I use active listening skills when people speak to me.

If you score under 35 points, you need to work on your emotions since you might find yourself overwhelmed by them. If you score anywhere between 35 and 55 points, you are emotionally stable, having both good and bad relationships. Last but not least, if you score over 56 points, it means that you have a high EQ and you can share your experience and take on life with other people. However, since you are a non-adult online model, you need to focus on certain statements from the test.Review your answer to statements number 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 15. In your profession, you have to be a good listener, so you understand what your members tell you, to calm yourself when you feel unhappy, so you can concentrate in the studio, but also to focus on your long term growth, and enjoy your work every day, so you can become better, earn more and evolve both professionally, as well as personally. Furthermore, you have to follow a clear path to success, otherwise, you won't be able to enjoy it, to be empathetic so that you can build meaningful relations with your members and colleagues, as well as listen to understand, not only to reply. In conclusion, if you don't score at least 4, if not 5 points for each of the statements above, you have to work on your emotional intelligence to have an even better career as a non-adult model. Good luck!

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