We’re empowering
streamers worldwide

Multi Media is a leading provider of live streaming video solutions
and engaging community forums.

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We build cutting-edge web platforms

Our team has developed processes and products driving innovation:

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Real-time interaction

Live events like sports, concerts...

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Advanced analytics

Data insights that drive growth.

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Enterprise grade security

Protect & secure with encryption

Payment processing

Custom payment technology

Legal & accounting

Global & compliant


Smart in-app messages

Real-time engagement like never before

We broadcast live rich media to millions.

220,000 active users per second

Live instantly everywhere

4K & HD

Fast data rates across devices

Security UI component.

Built-in enterprise encryption and security

We've created the systems that protect the millions of streamers and stream viewers that use our platforms.

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256-bit AES encryption

Data is secured in transit.

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Advanced security standards

Expertise with password management, 2FA, SSL and payment processing compliance.