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Frequently asked questions

What does Multi Media do?

Multi Media LLC is a tech company that builds unparalleled live streaming platforms. We provide spaces for independent content creators to build safe and inclusive communities for meaningful virtual connections while also earning an income. Operating several platforms, Multi Media hosts an Alexa ranked top 100 site with over 600 million monthly global visitors.

What is the Multi Media culture like?

Multi Media is collaborative, innovative and works with integrity. We are very proud that our core values and innovative perspective has created a unique platform that brings together a community of people with diverse lifestyles and backgrounds from all over the world.

How old is Multi Media?

Multi Media was started in 2011 and has been in business for over 10 years. Multi Media is a private, profitable company that generates over a billion dollars in revenue a year.

What are the perks and other benefits like at Multi Media?

You work with really smart people. You get a chance to choose projects to work on. You work in a safe and accepting environment. You build a very unique startup-like culture while working in a stable organization. You get amazing benefits and perks!

What information does Multi Media LLC collect about me?

For an up to date overview of the information we collect, please see the section “Information We Collect” of our Privacy Policy.

Does Multi Media LLC share my data with third parties?

Yes, for an up to date overview see the section “How We Share Information” in our Privacy Policy.