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January 27, 2023
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4 Tips for a Successful Interview Process with Multi Media

There’s no denying that Multi Media is a great place to work if you’re really looking to make a mark – video streaming is changing the way that people connect ...

There’s no denying that Multi Media is a great place to work if you’re really looking to make a mark – video streaming is changing the way that people connect all over the world, and we’re helping hundreds of millions of them do precisely that.

Becoming a part of our team will not only mean that you’ll get to impact an extensive amount of users and revolutionize the future of the industry. Our teams may be small, but the effect that they have on not only our platforms but also within the company never goes unnoticed. If you’re looking to join our mission of democratizing the video streaming industry, here are some tips for a successful interview process with Multi Media. We hope that these will help you as you go through the recruiter phone call, hiring manager call, skills fit interview, and additional steps leading up to the final interview.

Tip #1: Research, research, research!  

While you’re in the process of applying for us, check out our company website to learn about our values, culture, and perks. Remember that although you’ll be interviewing with us for a job, you should also be prepared to interview your interviewer as well! We’re more than happy to answer any inquiries you have on benefits, day-to-day life, and anything that comes to mind because, at the end of the day, we want to make sure that we can align with what you’re looking for. As you approach the time of your recruiter call, think of a few things that make you passionate about the role you’ve applied for.

Tip #2: Be ready to talk about your previous projects and achievements

During the recruitment process, you’ll be explaining in detail your key accomplishments to your recruiter and hiring manager. Some things you should keep in mind:

  • What did your previous companies do? – i.e, what was their main product/service?
  • What tools and technologies did you leverage on a day-to-day basis?
  • Recruiter tip: make sure to highlight your strongest technical skills!
  • Give emphasis to projects or situations where you collaborated with others and demonstrated good soft skills or communication

This is also a good time for you to let your recruiter know if there are any other companies you’re interviewing with to make sure what you’ve got going on aligns with our timeline!

Tip #3: Getting down to business

A Skills Fit Interview is just like how it sounds: the opportunity to let your light shine and show your expertise in your field. This will range from technical challenges to scenario based and behavioral questions, but by the end of it, the team should have a clear picture of your capabilities. To ensure this process goes off without a hitch, consider the following:

  • Your physical location. Most likely, you’ll be participating in a zoom interview, so make sure you are in a quiet space, free of distractions, and that your camera is functional and turned on. Headphones aren’t required, but they are STRONGLY encouraged!
  • We love attention to detail and creativity, so try to think outside the box when answering questions or offering solutions to your interview challenges.
  • If it is part of your interview process, your recruiter or hiring manager may ask you to come up with a business plan or potential strategies for how you would approach a role, so come prepared with the necessary resources and research to back yourself up.
  • If you ever get confused, don’t be afraid to ask your recruiter questions for clarification! If we don’t have the answer, we can always get it for you.
  • Don’t worry about having to dress up in formal business attire; we’re a dot com, and we like to dress like it!

Tip #4: Make a lasting impression!

Our last interviews here are usually informal meet & greets, designed to allow candidates to get to know the teams they would be working on, and for our teams to get to know them!  This is our opportunity to get to know the human behind the screen and, of course, make sure you’re not a robot!

  • We’re looking for folks who can add a unique perspective to our company culture!
  • Feel free to talk about your values, about yourself, and what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

To Sum it all up

This last tip is more of an FIY: If you end up not being selected for a role, do not take that as a sign to give up on working with us! Our recruiting team keeps extensive notes on each candidate throughout their interview process, and often will add silver medalists to a short list, so that if the position or a similar one opens up in the future, we have a list of capable candidates that we know we already love!

No matter what role you’re applying for, these tips can help make your interview process go by as smoothly as possible. We hope you find them useful as you travel along the interview pipeline, and we look forward to interviewing you in the future!

The Multi Media Recruiting team loves inquiries from curious minds, so if you have any questions  don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!

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